When Penny was little, she would trace every object in her room with her eyes, so as to never forget them. This drawing without paper and pen was invaluable to the self taught artist. As a teenager her primary focus was on the finest details in her subject matter, preserving the most accurate depiction she could present in her art. For a woman lacking in the way of words, Penny found her voice with brush, paint and easel. The most significant influence in Penny’s life, was developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. This fueled her self developed new style that has intrigued artists around the country. She now shares what she’s experienced through God, love, hate, joy, suffering and life, in this arduous way of painting.

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Hidden Jesus Series

The Darker Side Series

BC Series

Just For Fun Series

Newest Works

“Drummer Boy”

“Fly Eagle Fly”

“First Embrace”